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The Classic PRP Tube with sodium citrate is a 4.5ml  contains a separation gel and anticoagulant to ensure the separation of red and white blood cells from the platelet rich plasma.

Range of application: PRP therapy .

-Anticoagulant: trisodium citrate dehydrate, concentration:
0,129 mol/L — 3,80% (38,0 g/L). The ratio of blood to sodium citrate is 9:1.
-The anticoagulant properties of citrate are expressed by citrate ions forming calcium citrate complexes with Са2+ ions, effectively disrupting the blood clotting mechanism.
-Specimen: citrated plasma.
-Centrifugation conditions: 2000-3500 g for 5 minutes.
-It is very important to maintain the correct blood to anticoagulant ratio for the citrate sample.
-A lack of citrate in the sample leads to microclot formation and/or coagulation of the sample.
-An excess of citrate leads to the distortion of analysis results due to calcium binding.
Immediately after the specimen is collected, gently invert the citrate tube at least 5 times to mix thoroughly, preventing microclot formation.

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