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SKIN WHITENING is an innovative formula with rapid and effective depigmenting properties.

The package contains 4 x 10 ml bottles.


SKIN WHITENING is a product that eliminates skin hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is the alteration of normal skin coloring, resulting in the appearance of darker patches. This phenomenon coincides with a greater production of melanin in the basal layer of the epidermis which, advancing on the surface, creates unwanted skin imperfections.
SKIN WHITENING contains ascorbic acid, succinic acid and arbutin in an alkaline environment. Ascorbic acid:
• As a reducing agent, it acts on the intermediates of melanin, blocking the oxidative reactions of melanogenesis at various levels.
• As an antioxidant, it directly reduces the effect of oxygen free radicals: the main signs of damage that cause hyperpigmentation.
Succinic acid:
• As a reducing agent, it transforms dark melanin into light melanin.
• As a reducing agent, it reduces the effect of oxygen necessary for the function of tyrosinase in the formation of melanin.
• As an antioxidant, it directly and indirectly reduces (due to an increase in intracellular antioxidants) the effect of oxygen free radicals.
• As a chelator, it blocks the function of tyrosinase by chelating the copper contained in the active site of the enzyme.
• Derivative of hydroquinone which inhibits the synthesis of melanin with a consequent depigmenting effect.

• Aqua,
• Sodium ascorbate,
• Arbutin,
• Succinic acid,
• Sodium metabisulfite,
• Sodium hydroxide.

The product is to be used on all areas of the skin that have hyperpigmentation spots.

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