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PRE Regular hub

• Compatible with all syringes
• Less painful injection

TSK has been at the forefront in offering new needles and syringes in the market that make injections more precise, easier, efficient and more comfortable. Needles are offered as small as 33G, which are 22% thinner than regular 30G needles, making the injection for the patient nearly painless

PRE Regular hub

highest quality elastic steel with proprietary surface treatment technology (TSK patent) that ensures excellent gliding in the tissue
laser polishing allows for the needle to be introduced with minimum tissue trauma
screw type cap is designed from special polymeric material that prevents product loss
screw type cap ensures safe fastening of needle
every needle is packed in a special capsule.

Box: 100 pcs

PRE needle 33G x 13mm
PRE needle 33G x 4mm
PRE needle 32G x 13mm
PRE needle 32G x 6mm
PRE needle 32G x 4mm
PRE needle 30G x 4mm UTW
PRE needle 22G x 70mm

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