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The polylactic acid you’ve been dreaming of is ReSculpt by ZAN FACTOR.

ZAN FACTOR ReSculpt is a new generation medicine based on L-polylactic acid for long-term and safe lifting and correction of age-related skin changes. Polylactic acid (PLLA) has excellent biocompatibility and long-term stimulation of collagen regeneration.

A feature of ZAN FACTOR ReSculpt is the presence of a chiral microsphere PL-LA (left-handed) polylactic acid. Scientific studies and tests have shown that L-polylactic acid microspheres exhibit the least inflammatory response and the most significant efficacy in stimulating skin tissue collagen regeneration.


Benefits of ReSculpt
• The medicine does not need to be diluted – HYDROGEL is ready for use;
• Gives the effect of instant bio revitalization with a prolonged result from 14 to 24 months;
• Produces type I and III collagen;
• Does not cause complications such as swelling, fibrosis and granulomas;
• Introduced into any layers of the skin, including the periorbital region;
• Fully biocompatible with the body and finally metabolized without any consequences and residual
• Perfectly combined with all injection and hardware procedures;
• Has no age restrictions;
• The effectiveness and safety of the medicine is supported by histological studies;
• The opened bottle is stored up to 6 months.

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