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POLINUCLEOTIDES - Steril apyrogenic self-absorbing elastic gel of animal (fish) origin 20Mg/Ml , that contains polymerised polynucleotide (PDRN).
Molecular weight 2.4 – 4 million Da
pH 6.5 – 7.5
Concentration of endotoxin residues < 0.5UE/ml. Regenerator — revitalisor – with filler properties.
For patients of all age groups

CODE: 40208*
VOLUME: 2 ml
PACK: Syringe


PLENHYAGE boosts skin hydration level, turgor and tonus, as well as firmness and elasticity. It advances tissue regeneration, decreases signs of atrophy and efficiently fights against wrinkles.
The product is used as a temporary filler in cases of minor skin defects (shallow wrinkles), for correction of lip contour, treatment of fibrotic changes (medium scars) in various facial areas (periorbital areas, cheeks, cheekbone areas), neck, décolleté area, face, hands, abdominis, hips, buttocks.

• bolus technique with needles and cannulas
• technique with needles and cannulas

On average, the effect lasts from 2 – 3 months
Optimal depth of administration: dermis.

• Guaranteed safety: CE *Class III Medical device;
• Good malleability, easy to extrude;
• High concentration of polynucleotides;
• Immediate visible results
• No pain
• Satisfied patients

Polynucleotide chains not only attract water molecules, but also combat free radicals, acting as scavengers of the OH hydroxyl radicals, which tend to accumulate following to stress, cellular damage or external agents such as UV rays. Their hydrating and anti-free radical action helps to create optimal conditions for the growth of fibroblasts, facilitating the restoration of skin elasticity. Nucleotides, natural fractions of DNA, are the specific and original ingredient of this new product, because of their protective, antioxidant effect, which reduces cellular damage caused by UV radiation or scarring. The product contains polynucleotide chains with high molecular weight, whose biochemical properties make them extremely viscoelastic and able to link and retain a considerable quantity of water molecules; these are mainly held in the hydrophilic groups of phosphorylated sugars of each nucleotides. The macromolecules are also able to carry out an immediate “scavenger” action towards free radicals.

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