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TSK уделяет особое внимание качеству, инновациям и сотрудничеству с клиентами. Компания стремится предоставить безопасную, высококачественную продукцию, позволяющую врачам и специалистам предлагать своим пациентам наилучшее современное лечение, постоянно совершенствует продукты, а также набоюдает, как они внедряются медицинскими экспертами в своей области.


Combining the ULTRA Thin Wall Needles with the PRC and HPC needle hubs, TSK was able to further improve on the injection of dermal fillers. The hard polymer of these needle hubs, optionally combined with external threading (HPC hub), prevents product leakage and needle pop-off.
In order to overcome the downsides of using cannulas instead of needles, TSK developed the STERiGLIDE cannula. The dome shaped tip and a proprietary surface treatment offer an easier cannula introduction and provide up to 50% better gliding. Less introduction force is needed, reducing the risk of bruising and patient discomfort. The STERiGLIDE cannula also provides the nearest to tip filler delivery, ensuring a more accurate filler placement and reducing the product loss in the tip ending. This, combined with a clear side-port marking on the hard polymer hub, allows practitioners to implement a more accurate filler placement and offers the best possible handling. With BoNT injections, doctors and practitioners are working with a high value substance. Ideally, a minimal product loss ensues when injecting these substances. Traditional needle hubs have a large dead space, often causing significant product loss. To counter this issue, TSK developed a shorter needle hub, with a minimized dead space: the Low Dead Space hub.

Further improving on the experience of applying BoNT injections, TSK developed a new needle innovation: THE INViSIBLE NEEDLE. THE INViSIBLE NEEDLE is the first needle of its kind, and it is the thinnest needle available to date. Being 14% thinner than a 33G needle, THE INViSIBLE NEEDLE provides a near painless injection, while also strongly reducing the risk of bruising. THE INViSIBLE NEEDLE provides the best overall patient experience and has set a new standard for injecting high value substances within a variety of markets.

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