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“Skin rejuvenation in hot climates. Selection of the most effective products and procedures based on patient’s individual needs and skin aging morphotype. Common mistakes and how to avoid them."

                       Speaker Dr. Tamara Semenovich (Vienna, Austria)
                                     Dermatovenereologist. cosmetologist
                                 Certified trainer of BIOFORMULA (Italy),
                                     ALSAVIQUE INTERNATIONAL (Italy),
                                            EUROESTETGROUP (Ukraine),
                                            ZAN FACTOR (Czech Republic)

              During the seminar, we will discuss topical issues such as:

• A modern method of skin regeneration using a combination of autoplasma with Peel Touch peeling based on TCA, Plenhyage based on PDRN  and Jalucomplex based on HA:
• Criteria for products selection.
• Possible combinations of products and autoplasma.
• Effective rejuvenation of the periorbital aria, (elimination of puffiness, dark circles, skin tightening.
• Use of hydrogel based on PL-L-A (polylactic acid) for skin regeneration.
• Physiological protocols for skin regeneration by Professor Ceccarelli       (Italy)
• Demonstration of procedures on models.

Participation in the seminar will allow you to get acquainted with the experience of your colleagues, share your own best practices and expand the list of business contacts.

Participation conditions: purchase of products in the amount of 150 euros.

Russian language


       27/11/2022       11:00-18:00         Limassol,
Hotel Kapetanios Odysseia

To participate in the seminar, please contact us by e-mail:
or by phone:+35799027759.

Certificates are issued,
assistance in the selection of products and procedures.

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