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• 50% better gliding
• Reduced risk of bruising
• Easier cannula introduction
• Reduced patient discomfort

After TSK’s first cannula introduction with the CSH Cannula, TSK introduced their award winning STERiGLIDE™ cannula in 2012. The STERiGLIDE™ outperforms any other cannula available and remains to lead the market as the golden standard.

• dome shaped tip of the cannula (TSK patent) penetrates the tissue
• nearest to tip location of the needle opening ensures safety of cannula and precise product delivery
• -highest quality elastic steel with proprietary surface treatment technology (TSK patent) ensures excellent
gliding in the tissue
• Ultra Thin Wall (UTW) – exclusively thin walls ensure effective work using any density filler
• laser polishing allows for the cannula to be introduced with minimum tissue trauma
• screw type cap is designed from special polymeric material that prevents product loss
• screw type cap ensures safe fastening of needle
• marking of needle opening provides better handling during a procedure
• every cannula is packed in a special capsule
• every cannula is in set with a sharp conducting needle (diameter of the needle is one size bigger than that
of cannula)

Box: 20x cannula + 20x introducer needle.

STERiGLIDE cannula 22G x 50mm
STERiGLIDE cannula 22G x 70mm
STERiGLIDE cannula 25G x 38mm
STERiGLIDE cannula 25G x 50mm
STERiGLIDE cannula 27G x 50mm

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